Kevin Clarke is America's chief correspondent and the author of Oscar Romero: Love Must Win Out (Liturgical Press).
A prayer vigil in El Progreso on Jan. 25. Photo by Kevin Clarke.
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Kevin ClarkeFebruary 13, 2018
Father Moreno described the Hernández government as an authoritarian regime tilting toward a dictatorship. “It is a government that represents a threat to freedom of expression. It is a threat to defenders of human rights, and it is a government that threatens the fundamental rights of Honduran
Pills of the opioid oxycodone-acetaminophen, also known as Percocet. (AP Photo/Patrick Sison)
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Kevin ClarkeFebruary 07, 2018
Life expectancy has dropped in the U.S. for two consecutive years. Guns, drugs and car accidents are deadlier here than in peer nations.
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Kevin ClarkeFebruary 06, 2018
Bishop Kang believes the upcoming Winter Olympics in Korea and the surprise decision of officials in the North to allow North Korean athletes to participate offers a small opening for progress.
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Kevin ClarkeJanuary 27, 2018
Many who may have been considering demonstrating against the Hernández government have been sufficiently intimidated into inaction this week.
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Kevin ClarkeJanuary 26, 2018
Outrage is overflowing onto the streets in many Honduran communities.
DePaul University, in Chicago, is the largest Catholic university in the United States. (iStock)
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Kevin ClarkeJanuary 26, 2018
Half of all students at Catholic colleges identify as Catholic, and 62 percent of all students are women.
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Kevin ClarkeJanuary 19, 2018
Transgender patients “need to know they are welcome and they will not be looked down upon” if they come to Catholic institutions seeking treatment, says Sister Carol Keehan.
A Pakistani woman and her daughter stand in a buffet line during a Catholic Charities-hosted party for refugees held in observance of World Refugee Day June 2017 in Amityville, N.Y. (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz)
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Kevin ClarkeJanuary 09, 2018
As many as 17 to 23 Catholic Charities offices around the country are now confronting the end of programs that have been successfully assimilating thousands of refugees into U.S. society for decades
House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin leaves the House Chamber after voting on the Republican tax bill on Dec. 19. Republicans muscled the most sweeping rewrite of the nation's tax laws in more than three decades through the House. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
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Kevin ClarkeDecember 20, 2017
“We ask that [the president] take into account the full consequences of its provisions and work with Congress to remedy them before signing a tax bill into law.”