Kerry Weber is an executive editor for America.
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Kerry WeberJanuary 04, 2010
Last October the American Law Institute the group that established standards for the death penalty in America voted to withdraw its support of the practice it helped to define This decision according to New York Times columnist Adam Liptak represents a tectonic shift in legal theory In his
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Kerry WeberDecember 28, 2009
An anecdote sent by New York Times reader David G Wilkins to the paper s Metropolitan Diary column suggests that rising to a place of authority in the church may not be as difficult as one might think During a stopover in New York this year a friend Marco del Bufalo who is an architect decide
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Kerry WeberDecember 16, 2009
If you re hoping to fill your Advent season with something more than overcrowded stores and stocking stuffers adventconspiracy org has a few suggestions Give others the gift of your time and talents Then instead of buying numerous presents send the money you would have spent at the mall to a ch
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Kerry WeberDecember 15, 2009
Atheist groups are reaching out advertising their beliefs on billboards buses and subways in recent months with slogans such as ldquo No god hellip No problem rdquo Such groups have made an extra effort during the holiday season placing 270 ads on city buses and trains in the Washington
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Kerry WeberDecember 04, 2009
For everyone who has ever wondered How can I complete my Christmas shopping and encourage vocations at the same time the answer is finally here Catholic toy company Wee Believers reg now offers plush huggable 13-inch dolls in the form of characters named Sr Mary Clara and Fr Juan Pablo th
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Kerry WeberDecember 02, 2009
Archbishop Fulton J Sheen lived a high-profile life as a radio and television personality and as an author Since his death in 1979 his work has continued to inspire viewers mdash his popular TV program ldquo Life is Worth Living rdquo is now broadcast on EWTN mdash but his final resting place
Kerry WeberNovember 30, 2009

In "Fantastic Mr. Fox" the characters live in a land with more pragmatism and depth than the quirky animation suggests.

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Kerry WeberNovember 20, 2009
I was first introduced to the work of Flannery O Connor in a literature class during my freshman year of college Since that time I have spent hours reading her stories as well as a good deal about O Connor herself--and I have not been shy about voicing my enthusiasm My car bears a bright blue
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Kerry WeberOctober 30, 2009
For a moment I thought it was just an act Surely Tracy Morgan mdash the man who discussed crazy animals in his role as Brian Fellows on Saturday Night Live the man whose ldquo 30 Rock rdquo character Tracy Jordan utters lines like I watched Boston Legal nine times before I realized it w