James S. TorrensOctober 21, 2015
'Pure Act,' by Michael N. McGregor
James S. TorrensMay 21, 2013
By the time of March Madness, entries were pouring in for the Foley poetry contest, with its $1,000 prize. We heard from Ljubljana, Slovenia; Alicante, Spain; Lagos, Nigeria; and Vatican City; plus Dijon, Edmonton, Queensland and Kerala State.Forty entries came to us from the seventh grade at Lakesi
James S. TorrensMarch 14, 2013
Kissing the cross,O precious cross,it blisters the lipslike the hot coalheld to Isaiah.O holy cross,there is a body on itwith a deep woundthe wound dealt by the worldto the hopes of God.O beautiful Godunrecognizablewho could not let us bein our blind man’s bluffour cruel humorsO spent fleshtha
James S. TorrensOctober 08, 2012

The Foley Poetry Prize has been awarded every spring since 1988 by America. Our poetry editor, James Torrens, S.J., receives hundreds of submissions, and with the assistance of other judges chooses the winner along with several runners-up. The winning poem is printed in

James S. TorrensJune 04, 2012
This year's Foley poetry contest
James S. TorrensJanuary 16, 2012
Story, or bits of it, abounds in the poems of Rodney Jones.
James S. TorrensSeptember 19, 2011
A guide to modern poetry, reviewed
James S. TorrensJune 06, 2011
The task before us: to cull the truly striking.
James S. TorrensFebruary 07, 2011

A rattletrap in the S.U.V. procession,

James S. TorrensDecember 20, 2010

She’s absorbed in the gift she holds,