Harry J. ByrneApril 25, 2005
John T Noonan a distinguished scholar and member of the U S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco grounds A Church That Can and Cannot Change on the fact that the deposit of faith cannot change He then identifies three areas where change in moral principles has undeniably occ
Harry J. ByrneJune 17, 2002
After Sept. 11, what is there left to say? As pastor emeritus of a New York City parish, I settle for an embrace, a hug. There is a deep personal quality to our losses on mid-Manhattan’s East Side and throughout our city. Husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, lovers, sons and daughters, relations
Harry J. ByrneJanuary 22, 2001
The United States bishops in their 1999 statement, Faithful Citizenship, called on Catholics and all citizens to stay involved in public life...and participate in the debates and choices... and for voters to examine the position of candidates on a full range of issues....Central to the bishops&