George B. WilsonMarch 27, 2013
The question of guns in society is often framed as an issue about “protecting good guys from bad guys.” The bad guys include not only criminals but also people with a tendency to deal with emotional problems by acting violently against their fellow citizens. Once you name the issue that
George B. WilsonDecember 17, 2007
Thank you for coming. My name is Bishop Pascal. I am the diocesan bishop of Heartlands, and I need your help. Let me first tell you my situation and some of the options that are being proposed to me for dealing with it. Then Ill welcome your suggestions or proposals. Our diocese has 83 parishes to s
Faith in Focus
George B. WilsonMay 21, 2007

I heard my first confession shortly after my ordination in the summer of 1959. It was a much different era from that of today’s church.

George B. WilsonDecember 18, 2006

Every year, as dioceses struggle to meet to the need for priests to pastor the growing Catholic population in the United States, the bishops import more priests from other countries. While the practice varies by diocese, in the aggregate it grows apace. It seems so far to be a helpful stopgap

George B. WilsonMay 07, 2001
Saint Benevolens parish just got the dreaded word. As of next June, St. Ben’s will cease to be a parish. To appreciate this situation, there are some things you should know. St. Ben’s parishionersit’s a real placehave had three pastors in the past four years. They have survived a s