Elizabeth Groppe is associate professor of theology at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

READING MATERIAL. Saint Mary’s College President Carol Ann Mooney, left, and Saint Mary’s student Kristen Millar, center. President Mooney is holding a binder with all the letters addressed to Pope Francis.
Elizabeth GroppeSeptember 02, 2015
"Dear Pope Francis.…” Thus began many of the letters that were carefully placed in a blue binder in preparation for transcontinental travel to Rome. Others opened with the salutation: “Your Holiness,” “Most Holy Reverend Pope Francis,” “Querido Papa Fr
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Elizabeth GroppeSeptember 23, 2013
ldquo I know their suffering rdquo the Lord said to Moses in witness to the enslavement of the people of Israel ldquo and I have come down to deliver them from the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land to a good and broad land a land flowing with milk and honey rdquo Ex 3 7-8 Six
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Elizabeth GroppeJuly 12, 2013
At Jefferson's farm at Monticello, the weather is growing extreme and erratic.
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Elizabeth GroppeJuly 01, 2013
ldquo I have seen the earth rdquo lamented the prophet Jeremiah ldquo and here in this place is wildness and waste and I look to the heavens mdash and their light is gone I have seen the mountains and here they are wavering and all the hills palpitate I have seen and here there is no hum
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Elizabeth GroppeSeptember 10, 2012
James Martin S J recently made the case on this blog that he should have been invited to speak at the Republican and Democratic conventions Among other things he explained in Why I Should Speak at the Conventions it would secure the party that invited him the Jesuit vote not to mention that
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Elizabeth GroppeAugust 21, 2012
Mid-August on a university campus is a time of greeting among people who are returning after months away ldquo How was your summer rdquo I ask a student who works at the circulation desk in the library ldquo Hot rdquo he says The hottest in U S history as a matter of fact Temperatures in
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Elizabeth GroppeAugust 06, 2012
Peace to you and welcome to my first post for In All Things where I will be writing about ecological concerns My name is Elizabeth Groppe and I am a teacher of theology at Xavier University a Jesuit school nestled in the rolling hills of the Ohio River Valley I am also the mother of an exuber
Elizabeth GroppeMarch 26, 2012
What the church can do about global warming
Elizabeth GroppeDecember 12, 2011
We are here in Panama,” stated Naderev Sano, “to tell the world that climate change is a matter of life and death for the Philippines.” Sano is commissioner of the Filipino Climate Change Comission, and he spoke these words at a meeting held in preparation for the UN meeting on cli