Edward Collins VacekMarch 12, 2014
Religious freedom We were against it before we were for it The papacy at one time unreservedly condemned religious freedom as ldquo madness rdquo but now U S bishops condemn any restrictions on it Earning interest on a loan The Vatican condemned this practice then it allowed the idea and s
Edward Collins VacekSeptember 19, 2005
ldquo But what if Scola becomes pope rdquo Such was my e-mail response to America rsquo s request that I do this book review John Paul II had just died Benedict XVI had yet to be elected And Angelo Cardinal Scola was on the papabile list Needless to say Scola the patriarch of Venice did not
Edward Collins VacekNovember 17, 2003
If we want to know whether a person is good we should ask neither what his or her beliefs are nor what he or she hopes for Rather we should ask what the person loves So taught St Augustine He was in good company of course since Jesus summarized morality as ldquo love God and love your neigh
Edward Collins VacekDecember 16, 2002
Shortly after the start of the second millennium, St. Peter Damian wrote a long condemnatory treatise entitled The Book of Gomorrah. He demanded what is now being called zero tolerance of clerics who had engaged in homosexual behavior. In response, Pope St. Leo wrote that, while denouncing these sin
Edward Collins VacekFebruary 25, 2002
More than one perplexed priest has asked me: "What should I do when people come to confession and say they have nothing to confess?" It used to be that when people had not been to confession in years, they would offer a lengthy list of sins. Or longtime sinners would say, "You name it
Edward Collins VacekOctober 29, 2001
According to Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith it may be heretical to hold that church teaching can learn from experience If so this collection of essays is filled with heresy In the Vatican approach one begins with Catholic teaching Exper