The EditorsApril 06, 1963
Interest in this concept represents a return to a very ancient Catholic tradition. From April 6, 1963
The EditorsNovember 16, 1962
She just hated being a thing.
The EditorsNovember 03, 1962
The council's concern with the liturgy arose from the heart of its pastoral and apostolic charge.
The EditorsOctober 20, 1962
This is surely a Council which cannot content itself with looking to the past.
The EditorsOctober 06, 1962
On the eve of the opening of Vatican II, the editors call for "a council for our times"
The EditorsApril 21, 1962
In These Pages: From April 21, 1962
The EditorsApril 07, 1962
Pope John XXIII announces the start date of Vatican II
The EditorsMay 28, 1949
From 1949, the editors on the death of Catholic Worker co-founder Peter Maurin
The EditorsMay 24, 1947
The editors weigh in on Jackie Robinson's arrival in the major leagues
The EditorsAugust 18, 1945

Though he try fiendishly and implacably, it is not given to man to destroy mankind. It was God Who brought the human race into being; it is His Providence, and not man's passion for tearing down, that will bring mankind's earthly sojourn to an end.