The EditorsDecember 23, 1978
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The EditorsOctober 14, 1978
In only 34 days as pope, Albino Luciani captured the imaginations of Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
The EditorsAugust 02, 1975
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The EditorsDecember 04, 1971
An analysis of the 1971 Bishops' Synod
The EditorsNovember 28, 1970
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The EditorsOctober 19, 1968
From 1968, a case for the ministerial importance of the diaconate
Politics & Society Vantage Point
The EditorsApril 20, 1968
Vantage Point April 20, 1968: The editors on the death and dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The EditorsApril 22, 1967

There is a nagging, complicated and somewhat technical problem that occasionally springs up when a new papal encyclical is promulgated. All the details of the case need not be rehearsed, but students of Pacem in Terris will recall the unnecessary and misleading questions that arose in

The EditorsNovember 30, 1963
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The EditorsApril 06, 1963
Interest in this concept represents a return to a very ancient Catholic tradition. From April 6, 1963