Dr. Daniel P. SulmasyApril 02, 2012
The Anticipatory Corpse is a novel contribution to the field of bioethics.
Dr. Daniel P. SulmasyNovember 29, 2010
The Catholic case for advance directives
Dr. Daniel P. SulmasySeptember 24, 2007

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Dear Kristi,

Im afraid I dont know any more than you do about Sandels personal beliefs. At least I can say that if he professes any religious faith, or worships

Dr. Daniel P. SulmasySeptember 24, 2007
Editors note: This week we have asked two doctors to discuss Michael Sandels The Case Against Perfection, a short but thought-provoking book that addresses the ethical dilemmas posed by genetic engineering. Dr. Daniel Sulmasy, a Franciscan friar, holds the Sisters of Charity Chair in
Dr. Daniel P. SulmasyMarch 26, 2001
This book is at least as interesting because of the process of its creation as it is because of its content It was born of the efforts of a group of concerned scholars who have called themselves the Catholic Theological Coalition on HIV AIDS Prevention convened by Jon Fuller S J and James Keena
Dr. Daniel P. SulmasyFebruary 12, 2001
Richard Epstein the James Parker Hall Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Chicago is a notable member of the so-called law and economics movement which promotes within the field of law the free-market economics of Milton Friedman and his successors This movement holds that the pu
Dr. Daniel P. SulmasyDecember 02, 2000
In September, news reports from England described yet another medical tragedy, complicated once more by the additional burdens of decision-making that medical technology now imposes on us. Congenitally joined (Siamese) twins were born on Aug. 8 in Manchester, sharing one heart and one set of lungs b