Catherine Kirwan-Avila works in the social services in Philadelphia and is a graduate of the Boston College School of Social Work.

In All Things
Catherine Kirwan-AvilaNovember 26, 2012
Last Thursday morning my mother and I headed to upstate New York for our Thanksgiving visit with her sister rsquo s family Van Morrison accompanied our conversations as he so often does in my mother rsquo s car It is a trip we have made many times in many different states of mind Last year the
In All Things
Catherine Kirwan-AvilaOctober 02, 2012
Last week I attended a conference on Restorative Justice at Villanova University that brought together people from various disciplines and legal categories There were judges prosecutors and defense attorneys probation and police officers sociologists theologians social workers educators and m
In All Things
Catherine Kirwan-AvilaSeptember 05, 2012
I have been thinking about the martyrs in the church rsquo s recent history mdash among them Martin Luther King Jr the Ursuline missionaries Jesuits and companions in El Salvador Dorothy Stang Oscar Romero mdash those people who you might say carried within them a bit of crazy a lot of courag
In All Things
Catherine Kirwan-AvilaAugust 02, 2012
Last week I met a woman named Beth whose example lodged itself deep inside my mind It so struck me that I have shared it as best I can five times since we met Beth runs Place of Promise a Christian non-profit with a residential program ldquo designed to help those who are hurting lost and
Faith in Focus
Catherine Kirwan-AvilaApril 16, 2012
A reflection for National Vocation Awareness Week from a student discerning the call to religious life.