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Betsy Shirley
How the influence of religion and a desire for retaliation have made the U.S. penal system exceptional in all the worst ways
At Sacred Heart School in the Bronx, the principal Abigail Akano encourages teachers to take ownership of their students’ academic achievement. (Photo: Leila Sutton)
Betsy Shirley
Today Catholic schools are shifting some of that authority from pastors and principals to other sources.
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Betsy Shirley
America's 39th president reflects on the centrality of religious faith in the life of the nation and individuals.
Betsy Shirley
“That question rarely comes up outside of the U.S.,” says Mr. Huguenin when I ask if he thinks audio Bibles are somehow less authoritative or holy than printed Bibles.”It’s really easy for those in other countries to embrace the audio,” he explains. And even though we in the United States are most used to encountering Scripture as a book, “it’s important to recognize that both are God’s word.”