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Andrew J. BacevichJanuary 11, 2017
Books by the bushel purport to offer insights that will advance the prospects of a peaceful end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Few offer anything fresh or novel A Path To Peace does not number among those few It is difficult to understand what prompted the authors to undertake their project
Andrew J. BacevichMarch 09, 2016
'G.I. Messiahs,' by Jonathan Ebel
Andrew J. BacevichMarch 12, 2014
History, wrote T. S. Eliot in 1920, “deceives with whispering ambitions” and “guides us by vanities.” Over the past decade, ambitions and vanities have led the United States badly astray, nowhere more than in the Islamic world. Let us tally up the damage.Among most Americans,
Andrew J. BacevichDecember 10, 2013
'The Unwinding' by George Packer
Andrew J. BacevichMarch 29, 2010
Our guiding illusions in Afghanistan