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King Charles III sits in front of a coffin dressed in a military uniform
Catholic News Service
An English cardinal took part in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in an indication of openness of the British Royal family to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.
Pope Francis stands at a podium, waving towards the camera
Politics & SocietyNews
Nicole Winfield - Associated PressKostya Manenkov - Associated Press
Pope Francis had hoped his trip to Kazakhstan this week would offer a chance to meet with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church—who has justified the war in Ukraine—and plead for peace.
FaithVatican Dispatch
Gerard O’Connell
America has learned the meeting between the two religious leaders was first planned a week ago. It was not confirmed who initiated the exchange, but it was the first time the two have spoken since this war broke out.
Arts & CultureBooks
Jenny Shank
In 'Monster in the Middle,' Tiphanie Yanique shows how the choice to love is always a leap of faith, a heedless plunge into the unknown.
Arts & CultureBooks
Candida Moss
With her new book 'Beyond,' Catherine Wolff mixes well-written impressionistic summaries of various religious perspectives with personal anecdotes to answer the age-old question of what lies beyond the grave.
Arts & CultureBooks
Patrick R. Manning
How do believers "make God real"? And what effect do these beliefs and practices have on their lives? A new book by T.M. Luhrmann asks these questions and more.