Catholic News Service August 09, 2017
"The real thing is that at this moment China and (the) pope have a very good relation," said Argentine Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, chancellor of the pontifical academies of Sciences and of Social Sciences.
Catholic News Service August 07, 2017
Senior Catholic sources told that Pope Francis would arrive in Myanmar Nov. 27 for four nights.
The complaints detail alleged attacks from 1955 through 1994 and claim some religious leaders knew of the exploitation and ignored it. 
The Vatican urged Maduro "to suspend ongoing initiatives such as the new Constituent Assembly, which, rather than fostering reconciliation and peace, encourages a climate of tension and confrontation and mortgages the future."
A Vatican consultation group considers how to excommunicate the Mafia, other similar criminal organizations, the possibly of excommunication for corruption.
Patrick J. Houlihan August 03, 2017
Overshadowed in his lifetime, Pope Benedict provided lessons for the world’s peoples and policymakers, then and now.