Vatican II

Tim Dulle July 12, 2019
Catherine Osborne has produced a significant study of changing tastes in the construction of American Catholic churches between 1925 and 1975.
Number tiles await placement on the hymnal board. (iStock/linephoto)
John Zupez, S.J. May 08, 2019
A supposed need for variety imposes more and more hymns on congregants, but the cost of novelty can be the full, active participation of those in the pews, writes John Zupez, S.J.
Kevin Spinale April 29, 2019
The Catholic Book Club's new selection studies the Catholic Church's ecclesial response to modernity over the last century.
Gregory Hillis April 22, 2019
Many will find Sohrab Ahmari’s account of coming to faith compelling and moving, while others may find his emphasis on an authoritative church confusing or even off-putting.
Pope Francis pays a pre-Christmas visit to retired Pope Benedict XVI on Dec. 21, 2018, in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)
Austen Ivereigh April 11, 2019
The pope and the pope emeritus are not so far apart: Both Benedict and Francis warn against responding to the abuse crisis with a ’self-made’ church that ignores the Gospel.
The Editors April 05, 2019
From 1962: What grounds exist for reasonable confidence in the Council’s outcome?