Vatican II

John W. O’Malley October 16, 2020
History shows that authority in the church has taken many forms.
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Robert P. Imbelli October 09, 2020
The Christian of the future, as Karl Rahner, S.J. once suggested, will be one who has experienced a life-changing encounter with the living Jesus Christ.
Thomas J. Reese September 24, 2020
Ruth Bader Ginsburg thought the ruling in Roe v. Wade was correct but too sweeping.
During a livestream from the library of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis continued a series of talks on the principles of the church's social doctrine as a guide for healing and building a better future.
Gerard O’Connell June 27, 2020
At the Church of the Gesú in Rome, Cardinal Michael Czerny, S.J., ordained 18 deacons and two priests who have been studying in Rome.
James T. Keane June 12, 2020
Archbishop Viganò, marginalized by his own rhetoric, wants to stay in the public spotlight by whatever method possible.