United Nations

Catholic News Service July 09, 2020
The U.S. should be "leading a coordinated global response to protect the lives of millions of people around the world," the Catholic Health Association said.
The Vatican was committed to discussing solutions to "mass migration and refugee movements, with the goal of preserving human lives and dignity, alleviating suffering and advancing an authentic and integral development."
He received the award during United Nations Day celebrations in Nairobi on Oct. 24.
Catholic News Service October 29, 2019
The treaty emerged from member states frustrated with the slow pace of nuclear disarmament.
Women casts their votes in 2017 at a polling station in Crostwitz, Germany. (CNS photo/Matthias Rietschel, Reuters) )
Kevin Clarke October 25, 2019
The good news is that “trends in women’s empowerment are heading in the right direction globally. Some 59 countries recorded significant progress since the first edition while only one country (Yemen) experienced major deterioration.”
Isabelle Senechal, Ryan Di Corpo September 27, 2019
The European Union and representatives from seven countries denounced the worldwide persecution of Christians on Sept. 27 at the United Nations.