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View from the windows of the International Space Station (NASA via Unsplash)
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Stephen McNulty
I get the sense that a monumental moment in history “passed us by” this week when Russia announced on Tuesday that it would withdraw from the International Space Station before the end of the decade.
The "Cosmic Cliffs" of the Carina Nebula are seen in an image released by NASA released July 12, 2022. The "cliffs" are divided horizontally by an undulating line between a cloudscape forming a nebula along the bottom portion and a comparatively clear upper portion. The image is from data provided by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, a revolutionary apparatus designed to peer through the cosmos to the dawn of the universe. Speckled across both portions is a starfield, showing innumerable stars of many size
Catholic News Service
“This is God’s creation being revealed to us, and in it we can see both his astonishing power and his love of beauty,” Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, the director of the Vatican Observatory, said.
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Jim McDermott
I usually love a good space story. But the more accolades I read about the new Webb Telescope image, the more I wondered if there was some other photo I hadn’t seen—because the one I kept seeing looked, well, like a blurry photo of stars.
Season 3 of ’For All Mankind’ begins on June 10 on Apple TV+.
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Antonio De Loera-Brust
“For All Mankind” invents a Soviet victory in the space race and imagines a tempting counterfactual: What if Americans’ faith in government was never shattered?
FaithShort Take
Charles C. Camosy
The Catholic intellectual tradition stands ready to help humanity interpret and process the fact that we are not alone in the universe.
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Carol Glatz - Catholic News Service
The podcasts are available on several platforms and they feature one of the pope's own Jesuit astronomers speaking with a notable figure in the world of space exploration or science.