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Zac Davis
What makes a Christian movie? Can you define it based on its themes and subjects? Or is it all in whom it’s marketed at?
Film director Martin Scorsese speaks to an audience at the Catholic Media Conference in Quebec City on June 21 following a screening of his new movie "Silence." (CNS photo/Chaz Muth) 
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Cindy Wooden - Catholic News Service
"For me, the stories have always been about how we should live, who we are, and have a lot to do with love, trust and betrayal," Scorsese said.
Director Martin Scorsese on the set of 'Silence'
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James Martin, S.J.
Even some thoughtful Christian observers seem to have missed a few essential themes.
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America Video
Director Martin Scorsese sits down with James Martin, S.J., to discuss his faith, his films and his new movie “Silence.”
Brendan Busse
"Hubo tantas cosas en los Ejercicios que me transformaron y me cambiaron, que me enseñaron quién era… y dónde creo que Dios quiere que esté”
“Films were really my church,” Andrew Garfield, pictured here with the director Martin Scorsese, said of his childhood, “that is where I felt soothed, that is where I felt most myself” (photo: Paramount Pictures).
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Brendan Busse
There were so many things in the Exercises that changed me and transformed me, that showed me who I was...and where I believe God wants me to be.