Salvadoran Martyrs

In Spain where a trial is being held to determine the guilt for the 1989 deaths of the Salvadoran martyrs, an expert witness has said that the killings were "premeditated" and that there was a widespread campaign to discredit the Catholic church prior to the murders.
The testimony was offered at the trial of Inocente Orlando Montano, a former colonel in the army of El Salvador, on trial in Spain for the murders of six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter on the campus of a Catholic university in 1989.
A Salvadoran military commander is on trial in Spain for his involvement for the murder of the Salvadoran martyrs at the Jesuit-run Central American University over three decades ago.
People in El Salvador are remembering the martyrdom of Jesuit Father Rutilio Grande on his 43rd anniversary and on his expected beatification.
The Editors March 06, 2020
The State Department's sanction raised some hope in El Salvador that the perpetrators of the Jesuit murders and more of the era’s worst offenses would finally have to face survivors and family members of their victims in court. Unfortunately, even such small expectations for justice are already
El Salvador may have signed peace accords in 1992, he said, but there's a lot of hurt that remains because justice has been elusive.