Salvadoran Martyrs

In a Sept. 11 ruling, former Col. Inocente Orlando Montano, 77, was found to have planned and ordered the murders of the five Jesuits priests — all Spanish nationals — Nov. 16, 1989, at their residence on the Central American University campus.
A file photo shows Salvadorans gathering during a candlelight service in San Salvador to commemorate the 1989 killing of six Jesuits and two women during El Salvador's civil war. (CNS photo/Luis Galdamez, Reuters)
Manuel Acosta September 11, 2020
Spain's sentencing of a former Salvadoran colonel for the murder of five Jesuit priests means the truth has surfaced, writes Father Manuel Acosta from San Salvador, but a rotten judicial system still causes pain.
A court in Spain on Friday sentenced a former Salvadoran colonel to 133 years in prison for the slaying of six Spanish priests in El Salvador more than three decades ago.
Almost four decades after their deaths, these women martyrs are remembered, not because of how they died, but as examples of Christian lives well-lived.
Matt Malone, S.J. August 21, 2020
An ambitious computer training program for at-risk youth seeks to be an engine for building a middle class for El Salvador.
In Spain where a trial is being held to determine the guilt for the 1989 deaths of the Salvadoran martyrs, an expert witness has said that the killings were "premeditated" and that there was a widespread campaign to discredit the Catholic church prior to the murders.