Pope Francis

At a time of technological and scientific progress, "we ought to feel shame" for not having advanced in "humanity and solidarity" enough to feed the world's poor, Pope Francis said.
James T. Keane October 15, 2018
El Salvador celebrates the canonization of their patron saint—but should the ceremony have taken place in San Salvador?
Luke Hansen, S.J. October 12, 2018
The church must go out and encounter young people “in detention centers, at the borders.”
Gerard O’Connell October 12, 2018
“What is important now is...not concentrating on myself but helping this church to get to a new place.”
Gerard O’Connell October 12, 2018
In a two page-letter, Pope Francis made clear not only his personal esteem for the cardinal but also that he stands by him, and the reasons for this.
"Is it right to hire a hit man to solve a problem? No, you can't. It's not right to take out a human being, a small one, too, in order to fix a problem. It is like hiring a professional killer," the pope said.