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Louis Damani Jones
hung up for too long on a mind's rack to stretch
Arts & CulturePoetry
Michael Higgins
The infant won't remember reeling images
Arts & CultureBooks
Joe Hoover, S.J.Erika Rasmussen, Molly Cahill and Kevin Christopher Robles
Eleven different poetry collections reviewed by four America editors offer a sample of the God-haunted and the God-hunted contemporary literary artists who work out their spiritual, intellectual and emotional conundrums through lyrical compositions.
Arts & CultureIdeas
America Staff
Going through old files, America's editors found a few interesting submissions (and rejections).
Arts & CulturePoetry
Mary Callistas
If Metaphor had held through Crucifixion, I, too, would have had my eighty years
Arts & CulturePoetry
Devon Balwit
where one goes all follow