“We are a community; everyone here is important,” said St. Brigid’s pastor, Josephite Father Kenneth Keke. “Whatever belongs to the parish belongs to everyone; in our parish, the success of anyone is the success of all.”
Erika Rasmussen January 22, 2021
Amanda Gorman's poem was like a lighting flash that spoke to eternal beauty
MK Punky January 21, 2021
he pawed through his closet like a bear in a blackberry bramble
Tim J. Myers January 21, 2021
red-eared sliders who work the Rio Grande
Joe Hoover, S.J. December 23, 2020
Oh the poor starving Africans! the six of us looking at each other like are you kidding me...
Lisa Ampleman October 13, 2020
The recognition of Louise Glück with the Nobel Prize in Literature was a bright spot in 2020 for her fans and her fellow poets alike.