Taylor D'Amico October 09, 2018
I woke with Lycidas on my tongue, and I should have known.
Sarah Law October 09, 2018
her wrists are shackled, / her head’s in her hand.
Atticus reading at The Strand bookstore in New York City.
Emma Winters September 21, 2018
“Atticus is a storyteller, observer…. He loves the ocean, the desert, whiskey and playing with words.”
Joseph J. Feeney September 10, 2018
I offer three ways I love you: (1) for your wild poetic imagination; (2) for your poems about unnoticed people; and (3) for your poems about the Divine.
Joyce Kilmer’s popularity is evidenced by the many things named after him (photo: Wikipedia).
Stephen Werner July 27, 2018
The celebrated writer is best known for his 1913 poem “Trees.”
Laura Goode July 27, 2018
Donald Hall tries to place a seal upon his own literary legacy by remixing his best origin stories and famous friendships.