Philippine activists hold banners to mark International Human Rights Day in Manila Dec. 10, 2017. (CNS photo/Mark R. Cristino, EPA)
Kevin Clarke May 04, 2018
In April scores have died in a series of attacks and assassinations in Mexico, the Philippines and Nigeria. Catholics at prayer during Mass have been targeted in a number of attacks.
Catholic News Service April 17, 2018
Immigration officials have accused the nun, who has worked in rural communities for 27 years, of being an "undesirable alien" for joining protest rallies and visiting political prisoners.
Catholic News Service March 29, 2018
Manila Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle washed the feet of a priest who had been held captive for months and the parents of a slain Filipino migrant worker.
Catholic News Service March 27, 2018
Bishop Edwin de la Pena of Marawi assured Catholics in the region that other parishes not affected by the fighting will continue their ministries.
Catholic News Service February 27, 2018
Rallies were held in cities around the Philippines.
Sean Williams January 25, 2018
The Catholic Church has slowly found its voice against a campaign of violence.