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John Anderson December 07, 2018
The messages of “Mary” that can be applied to our own age are received early, and often.
Catholic News Service December 04, 2018
In a message marking the anniversary of their country's December 1991 referendum on independence from the Soviet Union, Ukrainian Catholic bishops said Ukrainians had a "right and sacred duty" to defend themselves against "Russian aggression," but should also avoid yielding to alarm and panic.
Photo: Kino Swiat
“Tragic characters like these, who seem tangled in sin, are always a call to conversion,” said one Polish primate.
Catholics in Ukraine said people fear a full-scale war with Russia, after a naval confrontation prompted the imposition of martial law in Ukraine's eastern regions.
Gerard O’Connell November 30, 2018
The Vatican today announced the approval of its application to a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers in the euro currency.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, right, greets British Prime Minister Theresa May at European Union headquarters in Brussels on Nov. 21, as the two leaders work to finalize a Brexit agreement. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)
David Stewart November 21, 2018
The new 500-page Brexit proposal released by Theresa May’s government largely ducks the Irish border question, and Britons are growing nervous about food supplies should the plan collapse.