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branch of tree in late fall early winter with a few leaves
FaithFaith in Focus
Joe Hoover, S.J.
When our superior told us that Jerry Huyett had died in Florida, I realized, in a way I never quite had before, a very basic thing; maybe the most basic thing of all: Life ends.
vietnam image of a priest holding up the eucharist and soldiers standing around him, the priest is father quealy who died a few months later
FaithFaith in Focus
Christopher Parker
Father Michael Quealy, the first military chaplain killed in action in Vietnam, was honored on the day of his death in the Reading of the Names ceremony.
edith stein in a statue in cologne germany
FaithThe Good Word
Terrance Klein
On this Feast of All Souls, let us remember "our people," living for God and for each other. We can live for both, and die for both.
pope francis to the right, wearing red vestments, bows his head while praying. he holds a metal crucifix staff in one hand. in the background are some cardinals sitting also in red vestments
Cindy Wooden - Catholic News Service
The Gospel teaches people how to live while awaiting death and God’s judgment, loving because he is love, Pope Francis said during a Mass at St. Peter's on All Souls' Day.
a woman cries at a group memorial for the victims of the stampede. she has dyed orange-red hair and is wearing a green mask and is covering her mouth in sorrow
Politics & SocietyNews
Catholic News Service
Catholic bishops in South Korea expressed sorrow and offered prayers after more than 150 people died in a stampede during Halloween celebrations in Seoul.
Collin Price
The movement for natural burial is growing and is slowly becoming more mainstream in the United States, but the practice is as old and widespread as our species.