Death and Dying

Olga Segura December 07, 2018
This week, we talk with Sister Theresa Aletheia, the founder of the Memento Mori Project.
Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash
Barbara J. Kouba November 26, 2018
Her voice disappeared, leaving an unrelieved haunting silence that signified the end of Susan Broxton’s earthly life.
Terrance Klein November 14, 2018
In the life of every long-lived man and woman, the future flows into promise, then fades into peril and panic.
Robert I. Craig November 13, 2018
I love this man who expressed his love with deeds and whose last deed will likely be his slipping away from me.
"In a time of so much darkness, so much pain, you will leave here today enfolded in the love of Jesus and the love of this community."
J.D. Long-García October 03, 2018
St. Francis didn’t just serve the poor and love animals. He taught us how to die well, too.