Death and Dying

Terrance Klein November 20, 2019
In death, what we thought was lost is, wondrously, restored to us. What we feared could never be accomplished is achieved.
Thomas P. Rausch November 15, 2019
Two new books show that Christian approaches to salvation are not as monolithic as one might think.
Terrance Klein November 06, 2019
Jesus did not simply speak of a life to come. He revealed such a life and gave us a glimpse of it when he rose from the dead.
Terrance Klein November 01, 2019
Now imagine what God’s love, after this life, can do to transform you.
Vivian Cabrera October 31, 2019
This Day of the Dead, I made two loaves of bread: one to share with colleagues and the less pretty one for myself and my grandpa to share over a cup of cafecito.
Sonja Livingston October 18, 2019
Darkness and light are but one, the psalmist tells us. Our lives are filled with both. Sugar and skulls. Flowers and dust. Love and loss. You cannot embrace one without allowing the other.