Death and Dying

Jack Nuelle September 25, 2020
Phoebe Bridgers’s new album ‘Punisher’ begs the listener to embrace the inevitability of death, not run away from it.
“Every tragic death brings with it great pain. But when it snatches (the lives of) five adolescents and a young mother, it is immense, unbearable without God’s help,” he told members of the victims’ families Sept. 12.
The COVID-19 situation in India has been worsening; India, with more than 4.3 million cases, is now second after the United States.
In Columbia, as elsewhere, how to conduct funerals for loved ones have been changed as a result of the pandemic.
Jordan McDonald July 10, 2020
Lil Wayne pulls from this rich tradition of Black death celebration while dismissing the social conditions that forged it.
Valerie Schultz July 07, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has both increased the frequency of deaths and constrained our ability to accompany the dying.