Death and Dying

Daniel J. Misleh February 22, 2018
If someone you know loses a loved one to suicide, show up, offer words of condolences and keep doing it.
Lucas Briola December 19, 2017
Hopelessness is one option. But it is not the Christian one.
Lisa McMullin December 15, 2017
Thirty-four years ago I held my child, my 22-month-old son, cradling him in my arms as I watched the last flicker of his life ebb away.
Terrance Klein November 22, 2017
The future demands faith. Either we summon it and nurture it, or fear will rule our final days.
(Photo: Unsplash/Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE)
Our readers November 17, 2017

America asked readers through our email newsletter and social media platforms what they do for their loved ones who have died. Seventy-eight percent of readers described how they memorialize loved ones with photos and other objects.

Joseph McAuley October 20, 2017
Catholics are following the general public in a broader acceptance of cremation.