Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as he arrives in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Oct. 19, 2014.
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The Associated Press
Retired Pope Benedict XVI has said he hopes to soon join a beloved professor friend in “the afterlife,” in a sign that the 94-year-old pontiff is not only accepting his eventual death but welcoming it.
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Lucy Soucek
If the baby was born alive and they waited for the priest to make it over to the hospital, they ran the risk that the baby might die before the priest arrived to perform the sacrament of baptism.
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Kevin Spinale
'The Five Wounds' causes the reader pain. Call it compassion. Call it empathy. Call it the Christian experience of being heart-stretched.
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Marie Coronel
My parents instilled in me the lesson that no matter what life threw at me, God would always be there to guide me.
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Candida Moss
With her new book 'Beyond,' Catherine Wolff mixes well-written impressionistic summaries of various religious perspectives with personal anecdotes to answer the age-old question of what lies beyond the grave.
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Deirdre Cornell
In Latin American immigrant communities, lay faith leaders adapt a ritual of mourning that builds community amid isolation.