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Bridget Ryder
Spanish bishops published their own letter on the issue last December, “Sowers of Hope,” in which they reminded Catholics that “there is no one that can’t be cared for even if they are incurable.”
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Britt Luby
We are called as Catholics to honor the dignity of every single person—and there are small but meaningful ways to reach out to someone who has experienced a pregnancy loss.
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Matt Malone, S.J.
The story of Joe Biden can be told in many ways. But from my vantage point, it is the story of one soul’s journey from darkness to light, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.
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Charles C. Camosy
This weekend, a C.D.C. panel will likely decide which group should get the Covid-19 vaccine next. Thousands of lives hang in the balance, writes the Catholic ethicist Charles Camosy.
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Joe Hoover, S.J.
Why is it this way? It is the child’s most basic question, dealing with the most bewildering thing of all.
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Jennifer A. Frey
Dr. Emanuel is certainly a well-credentialed medical expert. But his dismissive attitudes toward the elderly and disabled ought to be disqualifying.