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Arts & CultureCatholic Movie Club
John Dougherty
In ‘Wit,‘ Dr. Vivian Bearing uses her formidable intellect as a shield against her existential terror.
FaithFaith and Reason
Noël Simard
The legalization of euthanasia in Canada—so-called medical assistance in dying, or MAID—challenges our common values and shakes the very foundations of our living together.
people carry a casket outside the womens prison in honduras
Politics & SocietyNews
David Agren - OSV News
Catholics in Honduras prayed for the victims of a horrific massacre in a women’s prison—an attack underscoring the power of the country’s criminal gangs and their control over correctional facilities.
FaithFaith in Focus
Kevin Clarke
Birth and death bookend our temporal experience, but we are called to fill everything between them with love and mercy and decency, not cling to fantasies of a fraudulent eternity.
a profile of a peaceful face colored with rainbow watercolors
John P. Dolan
I am a bishop, but before anything else, I am a human being who understands the severe toll of mental illness, especially when it is left untreated.
Arts & CultureBooks
Myles N. Sheehan
In 'Sister Death,' Beatrice Marovich explores the connections between living and dying in a way that seeks to refute the concept of death as enemy while not accepting it as something that is good or desirable.