Residents of the quilombola community of Itacoã-Miri, in Pará State, celebrate the festivity of Círio de Santa Maria. The traditional procession was cancelled, so residents stood in front of their homes as a motorcycle circulated with a statue of the Blessed Mother. Photo by Elisa Monteiro.
Eduardo Campos Lima May 27, 2020
Their isolation can be a positive—in this case it has kept the coronavirus at bay—“but they can’t count on government health care services and have to deal with a deep racism.”
Asked if he thinks Communion can be distributed safely, Dr. Fauci said “no,” especially in areas still getting the virus under control.
Under a program called the Partnership for the Reconstruction of the Church in Haiti--PROCHE--the American Catholic Church, through financial donations, is assisting Haiti in rebuilding churches and schools which have been damaged during the 2010 earthquake.
The Oxford-based Anscombe Bioethics Centre said an "ageist bias" in the attitudes of policymakers toward the needs of care home residents and staff had led them to prioritize the care of younger and healthier patients over the elderly.
The Catholic bishops of Minnesota have begun plans to implement a reopening schedule for public worship in parishes throughout the state.
A Catholic psychologist has called the increasing rates of domestic violence during the pandemic a “pandemic within a pandemic.”