Gerard O’Connell July 02, 2020
Cardinal Charles Maung Bo has appealed to Christians and all people of faith “to pray for Hong Kong” following the imposition by China of a new national security law.
Among those who are suffering the most during the pandemic are the Rohingya community, according to Caritas.
U.S. Redemptorist Father Joe Maier blesses a woman during Thai New Year festivities in 2018 at his Mercy Centre in Bangkok. The 80-year-old priest has been working in the slums of Bangkok for more than 40 years. (CNS photo/courtesy Tibor Krausz) 
A Redemptorist priest, Father Joe Maier, reflects on his nearly 50 years as a missionary in Bangkok, Thailand.
Diane Scharper June 12, 2020
Lawrence Wright's new thriller deals with the effects of a killer pandemic.
Catholic News Service June 11, 2020
The Chinese government recognizes five official religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism and Catholicism. Members of each of these religious groups must register before they can participate in religious services.
Catholic News Service June 09, 2020
Fears are running extremely high that at the current pace of infection, with the number of cases and fatalities doubling every two weeks, the pandemic is headed for a peak by the end of July.