St. Michael Cathedral in Tha Rae, Thailand (iStock photo)
During the cave crisis, at the Cathedral of Saint Michael in Thare, a small village located along Nonghan Lake in northeastern Thailand’s Isaan region, Catholics offered Mass and asked for the intervention of St. Michael the Archangel to protect the young men.
Pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong react to the Legislative Council’s passage on June 14 of a bill giving China jurisdiction over a train station connecting the city to the mainland’s high-speed rail network. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)
Verna Yu July 03, 2018
The heavy hand of Beijing in political and economic affairs has more people in Hong Kong exploring the possibility of escape.
Mourners grieve by the casket of Father Richmond Nilo on June 11 n Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Photo by Ezra Acayan.
Nash Tysmans June 19, 2018
Church and political leaders alike expressed alarm over a growing culture of impunity. President Rodrigo Duterte’s frequent tirades against the Catholic Church in the Philippines are believed to have emboldened killers in the recent attacks against priests.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrives at the Changi International Airport on June 10 in Singapore ahead of a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. (Ministry of Communications and Information of Singapore via AP)
Gerard O’Connell June 10, 2018
Pope Francis and Vatican diplomats have followed with growing concern the grave tensions and even threats of nuclear attacks that have been exchanged between the United States and North Korea.
Catholic News Service May 30, 2018
"The situation is dire. We must do more to help [the Rohingya]," said the ambassador.
Associated Press May 25, 2018
A top party lawmaker demanded the scrapping of diplomatic ties with the Vatican because of the archbishop's remarks.