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statue of our lady of sheshan atop a minor basilica, the sun is behind the statue
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Cindy Wooden - Catholic News Service
In an unusual move, the Vatican issued a public statement of regret, essentially accusing the Chinese government of violating its agreement with the Vatican.
a woman cries at a group memorial for the victims of the stampede. she has dyed orange-red hair and is wearing a green mask and is covering her mouth in sorrow
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Catholic News Service
Catholic bishops in South Korea expressed sorrow and offered prayers after more than 150 people died in a stampede during Halloween celebrations in Seoul.
A woman reacts after identifying the body of a loved one at Sri Uthai temple in Na Klang, Thailand.
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Junno Arocho Esteves - Catholic News Service
In a message sent Oct. 7 by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican secretary of state, the pope offered prayers for the victims “of the horrific attack” that claimed the lives of 36 people, including at least 24 children, Oct. 6.
Inside the Vatican
Also on the show: How does Pope Francis' approval of sending arms to Ukraine square with his criticism of the arms trade?
german people sit in a room with der synodale weg (the synodal way) in the background
Mathew Schmalz
The Synod on Synodality of the Catholic Church faces diverse problems in diverse areas of the world, especially in the global south.
James T. Keane
Kazakhstan, which Pope Francis will visit tomorrow, is largely an unknown country to many Catholics around the world. Here is a brief introduction to the country and its small Catholic community.