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September 24, 2012

Vol.207 / No.7
Signs Of the Times

In an interview just before his death the Jesuit cardinal described the church as “200 years out of date” and said the pedophilia scandals “oblige” the church to begin “a journey of transformation.”

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The EditorsSeptember 24, 2012

A Syrian Rashomon; The Greatest; Poltical Thrill Seeking

Joseph P. CreamerSeptember 24, 2012

The lives and sometimes gruesome deaths of the first Jesuits in England and Wales

Signs Of the Times

On Aug. 29 Catholic Charities USA created a special Hurricane Isaac Fund to help fund its immediate and long-term response to widespread damage left behind by the storm.

James T. BretzkeSeptember 24, 2012

Editor’s note: As a pastoral event, the Second Vatican Council took a number of steps that brought renewal to Catholic moral theology. The recognition of the unitive purpose of marriage, for example, infused a sense of personal significance into the theology of marriage and the appreciation

Signs Of the Times

Is there room to make a dent in the Democratic Party’s staunch support for abortion rights?

The EditorsSeptember 24, 2012

The Obama administration should not participate in an Israeli military strike against Iran.