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July 2, 2012

Vol.207 / No.1
Jon M. SweeneyJuly 02, 2012

Learning from India's greatest poet

Signs Of the Times

The move was opposed by the United States and Israel.

The EditorsJuly 02, 2012

The "re-election" of Gov. Scott Walker raises difficult questions about the health of democracy in the United States.

Signs Of the Times

The state of human rights in China came under scrutiny after photos of a victim of forced abortion went viral.

Signs Of the Times

As protest continue, Fernando Lugo, the bishop-turned-president who was impeached on June 22, announced that he was forming a parallel government.

Drew Christiansen, S.J., leaving for Georgetown University

Robert E. ScullyJuly 02, 2012

Savonarola: Florence’s improbable prophet