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July 2, 2012

Vol.207 / No.1
Robert E. ScullyJuly 02, 2012

Savonarola: Florence’s improbable prophet

Signs Of the Times

The Philippines Ecumenical Bishops Forum criticized the possibility of more American troops arriving in the Philippines as a threat to the nation’s independence.

Of Many Things

Our very contact with nature has a deep, restorative power.

Signs Of the Times

As the international community looks for ways to protect the environment while promoting development, it must keep the  the protection of human dignity as its central goal.

Signs Of the Times

Leaders from Russia and Poland will issue a joint statement committing their churches to reconciliation between the two historically feuding countries.

Kyle T. KramerJuly 02, 2012

We should not hold on to living things too tightly.

Signs Of the Times

Four Irish archbishops told the Vatican that a report on an apostolic visitation to the Pontifical Irish College in Rome contained factual errors.