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June 18, 2012

Vol.206 / No.20
Signs Of the Times

Catholic leaders from some of the world’s worst conflict zones gathered in Rome on May 29 and 30 to discuss ways to make peace.

The EditorsJune 18, 2012

The increased accuracy of at-home tests for gender selection could have grave consequences.

James T. KeaneJune 18, 2012

Getting the news from Comedy Central

The Word
Peter FeldmeierJune 18, 2012

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (B), July 1, 2012

John F. KavanaughJune 18, 2012

Perhaps the best response is to reject both parties.

Signs Of the Times

Refugees are continuing to arrive from Syria as more Christians and Alawite Muslims fear they could become targets of Sunni Islamic militants.

Of Many Things

Former editor in chief Drew Christiansen, S.J., on the lost season of Pentecost