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January 24, 2011

Vol.204 / No.2
James T. KeaneJanuary 24, 2011

Does Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" merit the hype?

Signs Of the Times

“We commend to God those who have died,” said Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S.C.C.B., “and we pray for the families who lost loved ones."

The Word
Barbara E. ReidJanuary 24, 2011

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A), Jan. 30, 2011

Margaret SilfJanuary 24, 2011

Candlelight is contagious. One candle can light a thousand more.

Jake MartinJanuary 24, 2011

"Parks and Recreation" and other truly must-see television shows

Signs Of the Times

A wide array of Catholics played a major role in getting the new START agreement with Russia ratified. 

The EditorsJanuary 24, 2011

In the January 24-31 issue of America, four editors recount spiritual encounters they experienced while traveling. Here we offer additional reflections from Maurice Timothy Reidy