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March 9, 2009

Vol.200 / No.8
Signs Of the Times
March 09, 2009

Hard work, solidarity and other ethical values must be part of the world’s response to the global economic crisis, said Pope Benedict XVI and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The pope and prime minister met Feb. 19 at the Vatican, and their 35-minute conversation focused on the economic cr


Aid to Poor Gets Boost in Stimulus Small towns, large cities, social service agencies and even the manufacturers of digital converters for television sets all expect to benefit from a piece of the $787 billion stimulus measure signed by President Barack Obama on Feb. 17. But amid all the mega-milli

Signs Of the Times
March 09, 2009

The Vatican has labeled “blasphemous” a satire of Christianity on an Israeli television network that included joking suggestions that Mary was impregnated by a school friend at the age of 15 and that Jesus died at a young age because he was fat. A Vatican statement on Feb. 20 said the pr

Leo J. O'DonovanMarch 09, 2009

An exhibit on the treasures of Pompeii offers the reconstruction of a whole culture.

The EditorsMarch 09, 2009

The state of the U.S. correctional system cries out for change

March 09, 2009

Baptismal Call The column by Thomas Massaro, S.J. (“Blessed Are the Poor” 1/26), discussing the moral requirements of the current economic downturn, is a wonderful addition to the pages of your magazine in these challenging times. Many of us feel bad about our own losses from these event