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June 9, 2008

Vol.198 / No.19
Faith in Focus
Leo J. O'DonovanJune 09, 2008

When Olafur Eliasson installed his work “The Weather Project” in the Turbine Hall of London’s Tate Modern in winter 2003, more than two million people thronged to see it: a giant golden orb hung at the end of the 500-foot-long hall. Actually it was a semicircular steel frame 50 fee

Michael F. SuarezJune 09, 2008

Sometimes I think that Jesus must have been on the train.

The Word

As New Testament Christians we hope for right relationship with God eternal life with God and the full coming of God rsquo s kingdom The ground of our hope is Jesus especially as the risen one Nevertheless in our everyday lives we sometimes may lose hope perhaps not about ultimate realities bu

The EditorsJune 09, 2008

For many days now, British, French and American ships loaded with relief supplies have been sitting off Myanmar’s coast, waiting for permission to enter that country’s ports. The aid is urgently needed. Almost a month after Cyclone Nargis left at least 134,000 people dead or missing in M


The government's response created a most unnatural disaster

Is there a future for Christianity in Iraq?

Myles N. SheehanJune 09, 2008

The challenges of living a long life