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November 19, 2007

Vol.197 / No.16
The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonNovember 19, 2007

It has become customary to celebrate the feast of Christ the King on the last Sunday in the church year Our main guide during this past year has been Luke a master of Christian spirituality We have covered many topics pertaining to Christian spirituality and placed them in the context of Lukes na

Faith in Focus
William JohnstonNovember 19, 2007

I lead a little meditation group at Sophia University in Tokyo. Every Saturday afternoon we sit around the Blessed Sacrament, some in the lotus position, others on chairs. I myself, alas, no longer sit in the lotus but have to use a chair. We sit in silence for an hour before celebrating the Euchari

Dennis M. LinehanNovember 19, 2007

Two Americans join the college of cardinals.

Patrick J. RyanNovember 19, 2007

A new books looks at the sacred Scripture of three religious traditions

John H. RicardNovember 19, 2007

My recent visit to Sudan corresponded with the first Sudanese bishops annual meeting in Khartoum in nearly 20 years that included both northern and southern bishops. The bishops, separated by a long civil war, were again united, and the joy was palpable. After a jubilant open-air Mass, nearly 5,000

Of Many Things
Drew ChristiansenNovember 19, 2007

The 2008 election could be an historic turning point for the U.S.

William HartNovember 19, 2007

He moves with burglars and police