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October 1, 2007

Vol.197 / No.9
Denise Lardner CarmodyOctober 01, 2007

The aim of this book is to rephrase Christian doctrine in nonstandard ways with the hope that these variants will either hit the target or if wayward illuminate how traditional language really works and why it is most appropriate The author is George Dennis OBrien emeritus president of the Univ

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The EditorsOctober 01, 2007

Jailhouse Blues Disturbing news from the vast American prison system suggests that a new kind of censorship is afoot, one far more draconian than anything even the most inventive of inquisitors might have dreamed up. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has used the excuse of potential terrorist agitatio

Michael V. TuethOctober 01, 2007

A media professor at Marquette University Claire Hoertz Badaracco has already provided a valuable study of the interaction of media and religion in the collection of essays she edited in 2005 Quoting God How Media Shape Ideas About Religion and Culture She now adds the medical profession to the

John F. KavanaughOctober 01, 2007

My days with Mother Teresa

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonOctober 01, 2007

Perhaps the most obvious component of Christian spirituality is faith In general the virtue of faith refers to considering something to be true and therefore worthy of trust In the Christian tradition faith is a theological virtue because it has its origin and object in God We believe and trust

Faith in Focus
David Mark NeuhausOctober 01, 2007

Philosopher, theologian, teacher, spiritual director, custodian of souls, man of God— Marcel Dubois, O.P., was all of these. Of the Christians living in the State of Israel, he was one of those best known to Jews. By the time of his death last June, Father Dubois had taught philosophy to gener

Tom DeignanOctober 01, 2007

Late in Joseph O 8217 Connor 8217 s sprawling dazzling new novel Redemption Falls an elderly Columbia University professor watches a procession of aged Civil War veterans march down New York 8217 s Fifth Avenue seven decades after the War Between the States For all the rich history gathered d