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July 16, 2007

Vol.197 / No.2
Franklin FreemanJuly 16, 2007

The two key words in the title of David Mamets new book Bambi vs Godzilla On the Nature Purpose and Practice of the Movie Business are movie and business The screenwriter and director hates the businessor what passes for business but is really the struggle for poweraspect of making movies So


Chaldean Bishop Calls for U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq U.S. troops should withdraw and let Iraqi factions fight it out, the bishop for most Iraqi Catholics in the United States said June 19. Let the Iraqis kill each other, but let the occupying power get out, because they are not killing each other bec

The Word

All the Sunday Gospel readings this summer are from Luke rsquo s narrative about the journey of Jesus and his disciples up to Jerusalem As they move from place to place they rely on the generosity of persons along the way Today rsquo s Old Testament reading from Genesis 18 about Abraham rsquo s h

Andrew M. GreeleyJuly 16, 2007

The Irish haven't lost their faith, just their willingness to bow to church authority.

Current Comment
The EditorsJuly 16, 2007

Fools Errand?Once more it appears that the United States, Israel, Palestine and their Arab neighbors might have a chance to make progress, if not toward peace, then at least toward alleviating the oppressive effects of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. The parties seriousness of commitment ab

Ellen K. BoegelJuly 16, 2007

Media reaction to the recent United States Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the federal ban on partial-birth abortion reflected unfortunate confusion concerning the legitimate relationship between religion and political debate in American society. The case, Gonzales v. Carha

James S. TorrensJuly 16, 2007

As soon as I began to read the very first of these poems by John Hennessy ldquo Signing the Kills rdquo I had to get out a map of the New Jersey shore to find where the Rahway River emerges across from Staten Island and along the Arthur Kill Then I needed the dictionary to inform me that ldqu