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May 21, 2007

Vol.196 / No.18
Of Many Things
John W. DonohueMay 21, 2007

One summer in the early 1920’s, Ms. Lorelei Lee, a resident of Manhattan who had grown up in Little Rock, Ark., made a trip to Europe. This diversion was sponsored by her gentleman friend, Mr. Gus Eisman, known as the Button King of Chicago. During the journey, Ms. Lee kept a diary, which,

David E. NantaisMay 21, 2007

To Hell with the Devil, they proclaimed, dressed in black and yellow spandex, with hair that hung below their shoulders. They stood in that rock star pose that all adolescent boys from the 1980s knew how to emulate: legs apart, leaning back slightly, arms raised triumphantly, with an aggressive and


Freedom Commission Notes Violations in Turkey The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom strongly urged the U.S. government to include concerns regarding Turkey’s religious freedom violations on the U.S.-Turkey bilateral agenda. The United States should urge Turkey to continue its

Michael V. TuethMay 21, 2007

One hopes that we Americans continue to cherish the stories and heritage of the great abolitionist heroes of our history. But the name of William Wilberforce, perhaps the greatest abolitionist crusader of British history, may be less familiar to us. But his life and political career provide plenty o

Robert F. WalchMay 21, 2007

Do not be misled by this book 8217 s title The use of girl here hints at a touch of innocence and na vet that assuredly does not apply to the book 8217 s subject The art journalist Lindsay Pollock 8217 s The Girl With the Gallery reconstructs the life of a groundbreaking and largely overlook

James Martin, SJMay 21, 2007

The statistics are alarming. According to the Center for Applied Research on the Apostolate, a survey in 2005 showed that 42 percent of Catholic adults, when asked how often they went to confession, answered Never.

Current Comment
The EditorsMay 21, 2007

Atheism and the TheologiansWhen Michael Buckley, S.J., presented a copy of his book At the Origins of Modern Atheism to the late Pope John Paul II, the pontiff asked, And who was at the origins of modern atheism? Without hesitation, Father Buckley volunteered, the theologians. His study is an award-