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June 19, 2006

Vol.194 / No.21
Gene RomanJune 19, 2006

Religious faith exerts a powerful influence on life in the United States and throughout the world The Center for Moral Clarity established and operated by the Rev Rod Parsley of Columbus Ohio--one of 10 outreaches of his World Harvest Church--advocates against abortion pornography and same-sex m

John F. KavanaughJune 19, 2006

In this column I want to make three points. First, various state initiatives are rushing to fund embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic cloning. Second, the naughty word cloning is avoided, even though it is in fact the procedure described by the sanitized locution somatic cell nuclear transfe

The Word

The two stories in today rsquo s Gospel reading provide an example of Mark rsquo s ldquo sandwich rdquo technique The story of the woman with the flow of blood interrupts and is sandwiched in between the two parts of the account of Jairus and his daughter The stories have several common features

Faith in Focus
Frank MoanJune 19, 2006

For almost five years now (since I was a young 74), I have entertained a friend who entered my life unexpectedly: daily physical pain. I am a diabetic, which is not painful in itself, but I eventually developed a condition known as neuropathy. In my case it causes continual pain in the bottom of my

The EditorsJune 19, 2006

The need to expand and better integrate the resources of the U.S. intelligence community was one of the central recommendations of the admirably bipartisan 9/11 commission. With the close of the cold war, Congress had reduced the resources available to the Central Intelligence Agency, as the traditi

Our readersJune 19, 2006

Get It?

I’ve been smiling off and on ever since I read Timothy Hanchin’s article, Messianic or Bourgeois? (5/8), about the young men who shortened man for others into the catch phrase M.F.O. Unlike Mr. Hanchin, I think this is something that should cause rejoicing, not concern.

David PinaultJune 19, 2006

The authors of this book set out to correct what they describe as a widespread American perception that in effect Islam treats women at best as second-class citizens To counter this notion they cite the testimony of women in the United States who are eager to assert their identity as Muslims Th