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June 19, 2006

Vol.194 / No.21
Of Many Things
George M. AndersonJune 19, 2006

Backpacks did not figure in my life as a child. At school in Maryland, most students either carried their books in simple satchels of various sizes and shapes made of imitation leather or, in high school, symmetrically arranged on three-ring binders balanced against the hip. Even when theology studi

Richard A. BlakeJune 19, 2006

In all probability more people have read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code in its Farsi translation than have read all my publications put together. No wonder. It is splendid junk, and I mean that as a positive remark, sort of. Brown has a flawless sense of his genre, and the book delivers exactly


U.S. Bishops to Vote on New Translation of MassThe U.S. bishops will be asked to approve a new translation of the Order of Mass when they meet in Los Angeles on June 15-17. If the new translation is adopted as proposed and subsequently approved by the Vatican, Catholics will have to learn a number o

The Word

Today we rejoin Ordinary Time in the Sunday Lectionary cycle The reading from Mark rsquo s Gospel describes Jesus stilling a storm on the Sea of Galilee He and his disciples some of them professional fishermen are traveling by boat from their home base on the western shore to the eastern shore w

Thomas RyanJune 19, 2006

"I take on as my primary task the duty to work tirelessly to rebuild the full and visible unity of all Christ’s followers,” said Benedict XVI in his first message after being elected. Primary task, one might well ask? Is this primary task of full, visible Christian unity something t

Current Comment
The EditorsJune 19, 2006

A German Pope at AuschwitzAt the close of Pope Benedict XVI’s prayers at the concentration camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Poland, storm clouds overhead gave way to sunshine and, improbably, a rainbow appeared.Unlike his predecessor, Benedict is not much of a world traveller. He has taken only

Brian DoyleJune 19, 2006

For the woman who died Tuesday of raging cancer and left two children.