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May 29, 2006

Vol.194 / No.19

U.S. Bishops Urge Immigration ReformPresident George W. Bush’s address on May 15 about immigration reform received mixed reviews from advocates for immigrants, who expressed gratitude for his support of legalization for illegal immigrants but had concerns about his plan to deploy National Guar

Our readersMay 29, 2006

Missing Reference

I was astonished on reading your editorial The Worst of All Options (5/8), describing Iran’s nuclear future and American response options, to find not one mention of Israel. Given that nation’s multiplicity of actual and potential roles in this matter, the

T. Patrick HillMay 29, 2006

From the outset of this book Lisa Sowle Cahill professor of theology at Boston College draws a clear distinction between theological and secular bioethics but without ever clearly defining the distinctive nature of theological bioethics Since she has a number of goals for theological bioethics

Brendan ByrneMay 29, 2006

For centuries, Mark’s Gospel shared the fate of Cinderella in the well-known German folktale. As Cinderella languished in the kitchen until rescued by her prince, Mark suffered almost total eclipse by its three longer fellows (Matthew, Luke and John). A century and a half ago, in scholarly cir

Current Comment
The EditorsMay 29, 2006

Down on IslamSome years ago Cardinal Francis Arinze, then the president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, complained that the dialogue with Islam consisted largely of Catholic initiatives, and it was time for the church’s Muslim partners to bear responsibility too for th

Kathleen OMay 29, 2006

A photocopy of my mother’s heart,

Thomas R. MurphyMay 29, 2006

The historical reputation of William Jennings Bryan has not been a distinguished one He is ridiculed for losing three presidential elections He is often presented as a reactionary spokesman for a dying rural culture that resisted yielding to the progress of urbanization His opposition to American