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May 8, 2006

Vol.194 / No.16
Janice FarnhamMay 08, 2006

Joan of Arc is a saint of perennial appeal even in postmodern America At the level of popular culture Joan rsquo s unlikely story makes for good reading and viewing not to mention innumerable hagiographic and literary interpretations The most recent of the score of films about Joan Luc Besson

M. Cathleen KavenyMay 08, 2006

This past February, the landscape of American Catholic higher education was battered by a perfect storm. It was not a meteorological storm - the winter was uncommonly mild. It was an ideological storm, constituted by clashing winds of academic freedom, sexual expression, feminism, Catholic moral tea

The EditorsMay 08, 2006

Massive rallies around the country demonstrate a groundswell of popular opinion pressing for comprehensive immigration reform. Encouraged by the church, these have been peaceful events by primarily hardworking, family-oriented people. The demonstrators want to see undocumented people given the oppor

Our readersMay 08, 2006

Equitable Rights

Thanks for the informative, if sobering, article by Fred Naffziger on the bankruptcy situations in the Portland and Spokane dioceses (3/27).

I have never been able to understand why our Catholic dioceses do not simply implement the spirit and letter of Canon

Cyprian DavisMay 08, 2006

Feelings regarding race run deep in the history of New Orleans At the close of World War II returning black G I rsquo s were no longer willing to accept the many unjust racial laws or observe the many petty laws and regulations that made up daily life in the southern states A new and different c

Terry GolwayMay 08, 2006

A couple of months ago, I wrote a gloomy, mid-winter’s column about a depressing round of Catholic school closings in and around my home in New Jersey. I referred to the early months of the calendar year as the saddest time of year for many Catholic school students, because often that is when

The Word

At its most basic level the word ldquo mysticism rdquo refers to a direct intimate union of a person with God through contemplation and love The Scripture readings for the Fifth Sunday of Easter can help explain why every serious Christian can and should be a mystic The allegory of the vine in