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May 2, 2005

Vol.192 / No.15
Faith The Word
Dianne BergantMay 02, 2005

The time between the feast of the Ascension and that of Pentecost is a period of liminality an in-between time Jesus has left but the Spirit has not yet come God rsquo s promises have been fulfilled in Jesus but in our liturgical observance we await the coming of the Spirit We now live in the

Christine HigginsMay 02, 2005

In a dream Perpetua beheld a bronze ladder

Terry GolwayMay 02, 2005

When he looks back on the years when he was a young parish priest in suburban New Jersey and then in wounded, smoldering Newark, Msgr. Thomas A. Kleissler remembers the lessons he learned in the living rooms and kitchens of his parishioners. It was, he said, the richest experience of my life as a pr

George W. HuntMay 02, 2005

New York City in the year 1930 was simultaneously ascending and descending Its most ambitious project was the building of the world rsquo s tallest skyscraper unashamedly called the Empire State Building right in the heart of busy Manhattan Meanwhile its descent was less evident the stock ma

James T. KeaneMay 02, 2005

The 1985 bestseller and nostalgic spoof Growing Up Catholic included a parody of The Baltimore Catechism and asked the following question: “Who’s really in hell?” The answer: “We cannot say for certainty that anyone is in hell, except for maybe Hitler and Judas.” Even t

The EditorsMay 02, 2005

A tug of war is taking placenot among children, though they may be grievously affected by this contest’s outcomebut between the federal government and the states. The struggle is over Medicaid, the entitlement program that guarantees health care for over 50 million low-income Americans. So far

Sean McDonaghMay 02, 2005

In 1992 the then-chief executive of Monsanto, Robert Shapiro, told the Harvard Business Review that genetically modified crops will be necessary to feed a growing world population. He predicted that if population levels were to rise to 10 billion, humanity would face two options: either open up new