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April 18, 2005

Vol.192 / No.13
Thomas J. ReeseApril 18, 2005

What happens when the pope dies?


The interregnum and election of a new pope are governed by the rules established in the 1996 constitution Universi Dominici Gregis (Of the Lord’s Whole Flock) of John Paul II.

Robert E. Hosmer, Jr.April 18, 2005

Derek Walcott published his first book of verse Twenty Five Poems at the age of 18 then went on to a career that has produced 20 books of poetry as well as several dozen plays and a dozen works of non-fiction Now we have The Prodigal an epic from this postcolonial nomad who has drifted among Eu

Rabbi A. James RudinApril 18, 2005

Because Karol Joseph Wojtyla was Polish-born, his election as pope on Oct. 16, 1978, was met with widespread skepticism within the Jewish community. There was concern that the new pope would reflect the traditional anti-Semitism that marked much of Jewish history in Poland. But John Paul II proved t

The EditorsApril 18, 2005

Even those who disagreed with Pope John Paul II admired his honesty and conviction.

April 18, 2005

Part of Community

Thank you for Bishop Emil A. Wcela’s insightful article on the similarities between the church in the Czech Republic and the church in the United States (A Dangerous Common Enemy, 2/21). The challenges common to both countries are considerable. Add to that the

Avery DullesApril 18, 2005

As bishop and later as pope, John Paul II did not have the freedom to propose purely personal theological positions in his official documents. When acting as a pastoral teacher he sought rather to defend and proclaim the doctrine of the faith. But since doctrine always has to be expressed, justified

Doris DonnellyApril 18, 2005

An icon bears witness Maybe that rsquo s why people who know about icons tell us to notice the eyes The eyes more than anything else open us to the experience of the truth that lies behind an icon rsquo s external representation It could also explain why this book begins with the eyesfirst those o