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April 18, 2005

Vol.192 / No.13
Avery DullesApril 18, 2005

As bishop and later as pope, John Paul II did not have the freedom to propose purely personal theological positions in his official documents. When acting as a pastoral teacher he sought rather to defend and proclaim the doctrine of the faith. But since doctrine always has to be expressed, justified

Doris DonnellyApril 18, 2005

An icon bears witness Maybe that rsquo s why people who know about icons tell us to notice the eyes The eyes more than anything else open us to the experience of the truth that lies behind an icon rsquo s external representation It could also explain why this book begins with the eyesfirst those o

Martin E. MartyApril 18, 2005

Suppose all the people called Roman Catholic had wanted to say goodbye to the pope. Allow them three seconds each for a handshake and a blessing. The parade of the first million would have taken only 36 days. But by the end of this pontificate there were one billion people who are called Catholic. T


Pope John Paul II Dies After Long Struggle With IllnessPope John Paul II died on April 2 after a long struggle with illness, ending a historic papacy of more than 26 years. The Vatican announced the pope’s death at 9:54 p.m. Rome time, two days after the pontiff suffered septic shock and heart

Kathy RooneyApril 18, 2005

I am lying this morning

Ann RodgersApril 18, 2005

A dark joke about prognostication concerning the successor to Pope John Paul II is that he outlived many of those once considered most likely to succeed A new book on papal succession Heirs of the Fisherman was published not long before the pope took his precipitous turn for the worse While John-

John W. OMalleyApril 18, 2005

After more than a quarter-century, cardinals from around the world are once again gathering in the Vatican, soon to be sequestered “in conclave” for as long as it takes to elect a new pope. We eagerly await the results but will have no information about what happens during the conclave,