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February 14, 2005

Vol.192 / No.5
Ellen RufftFebruary 14, 2005

I always cringe when our convent doorbell rings after 10 o’clock, as it did the other night. It’s not in fear that a terrorist or some shady character might be outside. Rather, it’s the scenario that I feel certain will unfold as soon as I open the door. I have played a part in the

William C. RickleFebruary 14, 2005

Samuel Huntington the Harvard professor who gave us The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order has weighed in on the current discussions of religion politics race and ethnicity with his extended meditation or rather screed on American national identity It is a maddening book

Michael O'Neill McGrathFebruary 14, 2005

The question put to me most frequently as an artist is, “How long did it take to paint that?” I suspect if you were to poll other artists, they might tell you the same thing. To me this fascination with time spent at the easel is curious. It also strikes me as a bit humorous, since the q

The EditorsFebruary 14, 2005

Shortly after his re-election, President Bush said: Hey, were going to reform Social Security, and I really mean it this time. He also wants to move quickly. In mid-January he told reporters that he wants his proposed reforms to be approved by Congress within the first five months of this year. To t

February 14, 2005

Homiletic Material

As a baby priest, age 58 and three-and-a-half years ordained, I am constantly on the lookout for homiletic material. Frequently a Faith in Focus or Of Many Things column fits the bill. As a case in point, the neighborly exchange of keys related by James Martin, S.J.,

William A. GalstonFebruary 14, 2005

In the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election, the Washington Post reporter David Finkel interviewed white evangelical voters in the small town of Sheffield, Ohio. The Leslie family had seen its annual income drop from $55,000 in 2001 to $35,000 in 2004. It did not affect their vote: Jobs will

William J. ByronFebruary 14, 2005

Patrick Allitt is professor of U S history at Emory University He has been teaching undergraduates for more than 20 years and holds an endowed chair designated for ldquo Teaching Excellence rdquo When you read his newest book you will understand why As the book rsquo s subtitle indicates the r