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May 10, 2004

Vol.190 / No.16
Rose ZuzworskyMay 10, 2004

Two faith questions guiding Kathleen Hope Brown rsquo s small but timely and comprehensive book Who is God and Who am I are worthy considerations for us all Who am I as minister is a question within those questions and a fundamental starting point for this text aimed at lay leaders of prayer in

Nathan D. MitchellMay 10, 2004

What makes good liturgy? That is the question with which a squad of talented Catholic liturgists have been wrestling in the pages of America over the past nine weeks. Beginning with the most basic liturgical minister of allthe assemblythese men and women have probed the arts of presiding and preachi

The Word
Dianne BergantMay 10, 2004

When I was a child I often wondered how far up Jesus had to ascend before he got to heaven Later I was dumbfounded when as an adult I read an astronaut rsquo s comment about not seeing any traces in space of Jesus rsquo ascension It is not that I have a clearer understanding of this mystery th

Kate DanielsMay 10, 2004

Burning in our twin scarlet fevers,


Gregory: Denying Communion Over Abortion Is Last Resort"Denying Communion to a politician like Senator John F. Kerry, who supports legalized abortion, must be the last resort in a process to persuade the politician to uphold moral truths when voting," said the president of the U.S. Confere

James S. TorrensMay 10, 2004

The Face is a sequence of 45 poems many of them previously published in literary journals that add up to a ldquo novella in verse rdquo The very long lines of these poems each trailing over to the next without notable pause bespeak a poetic form leaning to prose but does this ldquo novella

John F. BaldovinMay 10, 2004

Not every Mass is going to be a great and deeply moving experience, not for the vast majority of us anyway. But there is a great deal to be said for simple fidelity to our worship. St. Ignatius Loyola says in the Spiritual Exercises that the person who is experiencing some desolation (dryness,