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February 2, 2004

Vol.190 / No.3
The EditorsFebruary 02, 2004

The publication of the first annual report on the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People was a first step in the long and demanding journey necessary to restore confidence in the bishops’ moral authority, after the searing revelations of the way in which

Avery DullesFebruary 02, 2004

As the literary output of Pope John Paul II has accumulated, expanding almost beyond the assimilative powers of any one reader, and as he celebrates the silver jubilee of his pontificate, I have been asking myself, as I am sure that many others have: What lies at the very heart of his message? Is th

The Word
Dianne BergantFebruary 02, 2004

It is likely that while we were growing up many of us wore clothing or played with toys that had been handed down to us from an older member of the family At such times we grew into the clothing or took possession of the toys making them our own Now as independent as we adults might like to thi

Our readersFebruary 02, 2004

Opposing Estrada

It appears obvious that John W. Donohue, S.J., (Of Many Things, 1/5) missed the fundamental reason for the refusal of Senate Democrats to allow the confirmation of Miguel A. Estrada to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The D.C. court is one


Two Archbishops Challenge Lawmakers on AbortionTwo U.S. archbishops have challenged Catholic legislators to be faithful to the church’s teaching on abortion and the sanctity of life. Archbishop-elect Raymond L. Burke formally notified Catholic lawmakers in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wis., that

Paul J. FitzgeraldFebruary 02, 2004

The principal question this book addresses is hardly ever voiced in these words What do I have to believe in order to be Catholic Rather Catholics from all walks of life wonder about and struggle with the normativity of ecclesial doctrine by asking themselves and each other such questions as l

Richard R. GaillardetzFebruary 02, 2004

Apologetics has enjoyed renewed interest among Catholics of North America in the past 25 years. One sign of this is the burgeoning popularity of the so-called new apologists, figures like Scott Hahn, Gerry Matatics, Karl Keating, Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Peter Kreeft and Patrick Madrid. Their distinctive