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January 5, 2004

Vol.190 / No.1
Jose M. SanchezJanuary 05, 2004

In September 1943 after the downfall of Mussolini and the occupation of Italy by the Germans the Allies landed forces at Salerno 160 miles south of Rome opening the attack on Hitler rsquo s Fortress Europe In Rome everyone the Germans included expected the Allied forces to be in the city wit

Thomas J. McCarthyJanuary 05, 2004

I am acquainted with the night. I read until drowsy, then lie in darkness hoping sleep will take me; the hope becomes anxiety, which puts me in mind of something I need to figure out, which sets me on a course of pondering unresolved problems, composing letters, making mental to-do lists and general

The Word
Dianne BergantJanuary 05, 2004

Today we move from one beginning to another from Jesus rsquo coming among us in the flesh celebrated during the Christmas season to his coming among us in ministry remembered during Ordinary Time His baptism by John inaugurates this ministry and it is commemorated today The Gospel says that th

Our readersJanuary 05, 2004

Facts, Fiction and Faith

The refutation by your reviewer Gerald O’Collins, S.J., (12/15) of the mass of misinformation in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is probably useful. But why do we need a distinguished scholar like Father O’Collins to refute a work of fiction? Fiction

The EditorsJanuary 05, 2004

George Santayana (1863-1952) lived in Boston for 40 years and taught philosophy at Harvard for 23 of those years. He had, however, been born in Spain, never gave up his Spanish citizenship and spent the last four decades of his life in Oxford and Rome. No surprise, therefore, that his comments on th

Ed BlockJanuary 05, 2004

An outspoken critic of the Bush administration and the Catholic Church James Carroll is a former priest who is becoming a redoubtable figure in contemporary letters Since 1974 besides writing a regular column for The Boston Globe he has published over a dozen books including novels memoirs a

Allan WeinertJanuary 05, 2004

Bush piloting requires a special set of skills that goes beyond the automated instrument flying relied on by commercial pilots. Planes must take off and land on short runways that often represent a thin ribbon of hope in an unforgiving landscape. Landing strips are located in the heart of the wilder