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December 22, 2003

Vol.189 / No.21
Daniel J. HarringtonDecember 22, 2003

What was going on in the Christian movement between the writing of the New Testament books and the Council of Nicea in A D 325 From well-marketed books and television programs that promise alternative visions of Christianity it seems that in this period there was great diversity in theology and p


Iraqi Archbishop Calls for More U.N., Arab InvolvementArchbishop Jean Benjamin Sleiman of Baghdad said the answer to Iraq’s problems is not a hasty U.S. military pullout, but greater involvement by the United Nations and Arab countries. A sudden withdrawal of U.S. and allied forces would be a

The Word
Dianne BergantDecember 22, 2003

Honor thy father and thy mother rdquo We all know the Fourth Commandment We learned it as children and we may think that it was intended for children It was but probably more for adult children than for younger ones The Commandments were part of God rsquo s covenant pact made with the Israeli

John ThavisDecember 22, 2003

During the countdown early this year to the war in Iraq, Pope John Paul II and his Vatican aides wasted no opportunity to broadcast their opposition to a U.S.-led invasion. They warned that besides being unjust, an invasion would be counterproductiveit would leave many dead and wounded, destroy Iraq

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonDecember 22, 2003

Rockefeller Center—there it is, only six blocks south of America House. I often pass through it just to savor the plaza’s open space, carved out oasis-like from the surrounding tall buildings in congested New York City. The sunken section of the plaza is transformed into a skating rink a

Faith in Focus
Sherryl WhiteDecember 22, 2003

It started months ago. Weeks before the autumnal equinox, long before the first frost, pumpkins began appearing in the lobby of my apartment building. Bedecked with straw hats and carved faces, they crowded our entryway and clustered around mailboxes, announcing the arrival of fall. In short order,

Joseph J. FeeneyDecember 22, 2003

ldquo Albion rdquo is a magic a mythic word It is the primal name of England itself and also of its whole island It is the Celtic Albio and the Gaelic Alba Its root-syllable alb ldquo white rdquo catches the whiteness of Dover rsquo s cliffs and suggests a pristine purity or blankness It