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December 22, 2003

Vol.189 / No.21
Joseph J. FeeneyDecember 22, 2003

ldquo Albion rdquo is a magic a mythic word It is the primal name of England itself and also of its whole island It is the Celtic Albio and the Gaelic Alba Its root-syllable alb ldquo white rdquo catches the whiteness of Dover rsquo s cliffs and suggests a pristine purity or blankness It

John F. KavanaughDecember 22, 2003

Although more than 25 years have passed, the joy I felt at Christmas in Calcutta remains more vivid than any other memory of this season. I was ending what Jesuits call the long experiment of tertianship, that third year of novitiate tacked on to the end of our training. My days had been spent offer

The Word
Dianne BergantDecember 22, 2003

Did Mary understand how amazing her child was Does any mother We love our children and celebrate every little thing about them but no one really knows the potential hidden deep within that squirming bundle of humanity True whenever a child is born there are always those who gather around and m

December 22, 2003


In the column Food for Terri Schiavo (ethics notebook, 11/24), John F. Kavanaugh, S.J., notes that some assertions made about Terri Schiavo’s actual condition seem to be irresponsible. We believe that some of his assertions are also irresponsible.


The EditorsDecember 22, 2003

As we retell the Bethlehem story each year, its familiarity can obscure one of its most important lessons. We do not celebrate at Christmas some timeless truth or immutable dogma but a particular moment. “A decree went out from Caesar Augustus that the whole world should be enrolled. This was

Our readersDecember 22, 2003

False Problems?

Frederick W. Gluck’s article, Crisis Management in the Church (12/1), is flawed by several statements that are not supported by the available data.

The church’s traditional sources of revenues are drying up. Some weeks ago I finished writing a report

Janice FarnhamDecember 22, 2003

Along with Francis of Assisi Th r se of Lisieux ranks among the most venerated and popular Catholic saints and commands an impressive following that includes those with no religious faith or affiliation Th r se rsquo s life writings and reputation have prompted countless works in print rangi