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December 8, 2003

Vol.189 / No.19
Valerie SchultzDecember 08, 2003

One of my oldest friends has become a stranger. Gradually, each yearly domino has come to bear on its predecessor, until the cascade has landed here: from closest of friends to bare acquaintance. My attempts at staying in touch are met with silence. Take a hint, I tell myself.   But I can&rsquo

Joe E. JeffreysDecember 08, 2003

Arthur Miller is one of America rsquo s great writers His plays Death of a Salesman and The Crucible reshaped the parameters of theater and thought Arthur Miller is also one of America rsquo s great citizens with a political history that includes testimony before the House Un-American Activities

Faith in Focus
Mary StommesDecember 08, 2003

It ought to be against the law. Eleven children! Can you imagine? I was sitting in one of my college writing classes, listening to my classmates’ responses to an essay someone had written about a family of 11 childrena typical Catholic family, a pathologically dysfunctional family with a rigid

The EditorsDecember 08, 2003

Several legislative measures under consideration in Congress could either harm or help undocumented immigrants in the United States. One that would harm them in this post-9/11 period of anti-immigrant sentiment is the CLEAR Act, introduced by Representative Charlie Norwood, Republican of Georgia. It

Timothy MatovinaDecember 08, 2003

The exuberant and growing devotion of U.S. Catholics to Our Lady of Guadalupe is clearly evident in the numerous congregations in San Antonio, Tex., that enthusiastically celebrate her feast on Dec. 12, including San Fernando Cathedral, where Guadalupan devotion has thrived since the parish’s

The Word
Dianne BergantDecember 08, 2003

We are at the midpoint of Advent the Sunday known as Gaudete the Sunday for rejoicing It was so designated at a time when Advent was considered a penitential preparation for Christmas Since penance is no longer the emphasis the Sunday seems to have lost some of its initial purpose But the rejo

Our readersDecember 08, 2003

The Path to Peace

The interview by George M. Anderson, S.J., with Claudette Habesch, Obstacles to Peace, A Palestinian-Christian Perspective (11/17), demonstrates how the Israeli security wall is really a weapon of war. When completed, this wall, referred to by some as the