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December 1, 2003

Vol.189 / No.18
The Word
Dianne BergantDecember 01, 2003

In some parts of the country it seems there are only two seasons winter and road construction The excitement of a trip is often tempered by detours and single-lane traffic Major sports events political conventions or an upcoming visit by dignitaries also prompt the repair of our roads though

Kristina ZurlaDecember 01, 2003

At the ripe old age of 32, I found myself in the midst of a mini-midlife crisis of sorts. Nothing seemed to be going my way. I was heartbroken and depressed, facing an uncertain career outlook in a terrible economy and looking for a cure for my ailing spirit. I found it in the wide open spaces of Mo

The EditorsDecember 01, 2003

The Senate is in a row over the leak of a memo written by a staffer for the Democratic minority members of the Committee on Intelligence. It urges the Democrats, led by Senator John D. Rockefeller IV of West Virginia, to break with the Republican majority and conduct its own inquiry into events lead

Daniel J. HarringtonDecember 01, 2003

Who was Jesus, and what did he say and do? Was Jesus really raised from the dead? Why and when did Christians begin to worship Jesus? These questions go to the roots of Christian faith. The three massive books discussed here provide pertinent information and interpretive options that Christians toda

Arts & Culture Books
Tom DeignanDecember 01, 2003

The most startling fact about Edwin O rsquo Connor rsquo s life was its brevity The acclaimed author of such mid-century Irish and Catholic classics as The Last Hurrah and The Edge of Sadness seemed a fit and healthy man Yet he died when he was just 49 in 1968 following a stroke Perhaps more imp

Frederick W. GluckDecember 01, 2003

The Catholic Church in the United States is going through the greatest crisis in its history. Dealing with crises is not a problem unique to church leaders; it is a task faced by leaders of any complex organization. When faced with a crisis, U.S. corporate leaders often bring in a firm like McKinsey

The Word
Dianne BergantDecember 01, 2003

rsquo Hail full of grace The Lord is with you rdquo Mary was puzzled at such a greeting She was certainly familiar with God rsquo s mysterious presence in the Holy of Holies which made the temple in Jerusalem so sacred But this greeting was addressed to her The Lord was with her And she wa