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November 3, 2003

Vol.189 / No.14

World Joins John Paul II in Anniversary CelebrationAs voices from around the world offered congratulations and encouragement, Pope John Paul II celebrated a 25th anniversary Mass and prayed for the wisdom, holiness and strength to keep leading the church. The Mass in St. Peter’s Square on Oct.

William A. BarryNovember 03, 2003

Fenton Johnson grew up in the shadow of Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky the youngest of nine children born in a Catholic county surrounded by a Protestant sea For years his family home had been like a second home to monks from the abbey who walked over for conversation a beer or for some spare part

Richard S. VoskoNovember 03, 2003

The redevelopment of the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan involves more than the replacement of buildings or the making of a memorial to honor victims. Diverse agendas are at the heart of the challenges to the rebuilding proposals. Survivors, families of victims, tourist agencies, neighborho

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonNovember 03, 2003

November, with its feast of All Saints and the memorial of All Souls, reminds us of the dead who have played a role in our lives and whose presence we deeply miss. They may be friends or relatives or—in my case—parishioners, like those whom I knew well at my former parish in Washington,

Our readersNovember 03, 2003

Catholics and Politics

Msgr. Thomas J. Shelley, in his article Vatican II and American Politics (10/13), evokes a most interesting interlude in American history involving the candidacy of Al Smith. If many Americans wondered whether Catholics would impose an official religion if

Gerald F. KicanasNovember 03, 2003

Two summers ago I passed through the entrance gate to the camp at Auschwitz in Poland and read the chilling phrase, “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Makes You Free). I wandered the now still streets of that concentration camp viewing the scuffed, unclaimed luggage, some marked with its owner&rs

John P. FitzgibbonsNovember 03, 2003

A question that looms large for many Americans these days after the second Persian Gulf war is ldquo How does a religion that claims universal and exclusive truth fit into a pluralistic environment rdquo Such is the question at the heart of George M Marsden rsquo s new work Jonathan Edwards